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Not out of guilt. Or doing you a favor. These are real people who are looking for new books to read. And your book can be their next best read.

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We know reviews are super important to authors. Same here! That’s why we’ve gathered a bunch of them here for you to read :)

Hey Authors,

I’m Jason, the founder of Dango Books.

Kris Jenner once said, “If somebody says ‘no,’ you’re asking the wrong person.”

Yup! I’m quoting Kris Jenner. The mastermind behind America’s popular reality tv series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

You see, no matter if it’s television or books. You’ll encounter lots of “noes.” For indie authors, that happens in the form of:

  • Running ads with lots of views but zero clicks
  • Zero engagement with your post on social media
  • Sorry, I’ll read it when I have time.”

But maybe you’re just asking the wrong person. Or at the wrong time.

So good news, your dream readers are still out there. You might’ve just been waving, with your book, in the middle of nowhere (on the internet). Or you’re waving at the right people, but it’s school season again. So they’re busy with mommy and daddy stuff instead of getting lost in a great book.

With Dango, our email subscribers want us to alert them (aka wave at them) whenever we have a good book deal to share. The best part? They tell us what genres they like to read. And we’ll match the right book with their interest.

I know people don’t always open their emails. But those who do are the ones who got the time to read.

So, the right book for the right person and at the right time!

Check, Check, and Check.