Our Mission.

United with a Love of Reading.

Our Beliefs. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to share their story and discover a five-star read. Dango connects the dots between readers and creators. Together, we can turn the page in publishing and create a better experience for everyone.

Our company has big dreams and an even longer reading list. In fact, you’ll find every member of our team flipping through paperbacks and scrolling on e-readers in our free time. We are a diverse, bookish bunch that loves reading just as much as you do.

With our background in publishing and book marketing, we know how difficult it can be for indie authors to break out. The traditional publishing industry has access to big budgets and exclusive tools that dominate algorithms and drown out other creators. That also makes it difficult for readers to discover hidden gems at affordable prices.

Dango is here to transform the industry and amplify diverse voices.

Helping Readers Escape.

Pause reality and explore new worlds that stretch the imagination with more empathy. Well-written books are the perfect escape! With Dango’s discounted deals and curated recommendations, you can discover more books without breaking the bank.

Helping Authors Be Seen.

There’s no right way to read. At Dango, we celebrate everyone’s unique literary taste and give readers the tools to personalize their recommendations based on genres they love. This curated approach allows us to connect indie authors with the right audience.

Our Design Inspiration.

We strive to simplify the reader’s journey and help everyone discover their new favorite book.

Our brand is simple, straight-forward, and fulfilling, just like Japanese dango. This familiar, sweet snack is a year-round favorite, and a beautiful representation of minimalism.

These three chewy, delicate rice flour dumplings are beautifully rolled and served on a skewer. Served with green tea, our namesake reminds us to strip away distractions and take time to savor life’s sweetest flavors… it’s best served with a good book!

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