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Note: We have paused our 0.99 book promo featuring to focus on free book promo first. As it’s the MOST effective way to get your book into the hands of lots new readers at once.

Genre Subscribers Free Book Promo Cost
Mystery 13,800 $30.00
⮑ Mystery Series 13,800+ $75.00
Cozy Mysteries 12,100 $30.00
⮑ Cozy Mysteries Series 12,100+ $75.00
Thrillers 13,100 $30.00
⮑ Thrillers Series 12,600+ $75.00
Crime Fiction 12,300 $30.00
⮑ Crime Fiction Series 12,300+ $75.00
Action and Adventure 12,200 $30.00
⮑ Action and Adventure Series 12,200+ $75.00
Contemporary Romance 11,400 $25.00
⮑ Contemporary Romance Series 11,400+ $70.00
Historical Romance 11,000 $25.00
⮑ Historical Romance Series 11,000+ $70.00
Romantic Suspense 11,800 $25.00
⮑ Romantic Suspense Series 11,800+ $70.00
New Adult Romance 11,200 $25.00
⮑ New Adult Romance Series 11,200+ $70.00
Paranormal Romance 11,000 $25.00
⮑ Paranormal Romance Series 11,000+ $70.00
Erotic Romance 9,600 $25.00
Historical Fiction 11,300 $25.00
Women's Fiction 11,000 $25.00
Literary Fiction 10,800 $25.00
Christian Fiction 9,500 $25.00
LGBT 8,900 $25.00
Science Fiction 11,300 $30.00
⮑ Science Fiction Series 11,300+ $75.00
Fantasy 12,200 $30.00
⮑ Fantasy Series 12,200+ $75.00
Horror 11,000 $30.00
⮑ Horror Series 11,000+ $75.00
Teen and Young Adult 11,500 $25.00
Children's 8,700 $25.00
Advice and How-To 10,000 $25.00
Biographies and Memoirs 10,600 $30.00
History 10,500 $30.00
General Nonfiction 9,900 $30.00
Cooking 10,300 $30.00
Religion and Spirituality 9,700 $25.00
True Crime 11,100 $30.00
⮑ True Crime Series 11,100+ $75.00


Prices effective as of 01/12/23 and subject to change.

We’re always testing new subscriber acquisition and optimization methods. Also, we actively remove inactive subscribers to ensure the quality engagement. 

So the subscriber count will be updated periodically as we continue to grow and optimize our newsletter.

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